Flash Fic #16 – I’m Starving

“Well, are you hungry or anything? You haven’t eaten in how long is it now? Two years? Here, have some pasta.” The older woman said to her friend as she slid the big bowl of noodles and marinara over to her.

“Thank you. I’m starving.” The younger woman responded as she picked up the fork resting inside the bowl.

“I bet.”

“No. You don’t understand. I feel like my body is eating itself from the inside. Mmm, this smells amazing.” She said as she began tearing into the food.

As she put the fork to her lips for the fourth time, she paused and frowned; a searing pain shot through her stomach.

“What’s wrong?” The older woman asked as the younger woman doubled over in her seat.

“I can’t-I can’t. Something’s wrong!” The younger woman said before opening her mouth and spewing what looked like bile coated coffee grounds all over the floor.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” The older woman asked as she moved to get a mop.

“I guess human food doesn’t agree with zombie stomachs.” The younger woman said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.


Flash Fic #15 – Surface Burn

Sorry I’ve been away so long. I had a rough couple of weeks, but I feel confident in coming back to normal posting now. You should be seeing more work in the coming weeks. Thank you for hanging on.

“Come now, chile. It just a little burn on the surface. It wont last, and imagine what you’ll become when it all over. Now, come gal give me your hand.” He said holding out a hand for her to take; she shook like a house in a quake as she reached out.

“You promise it won’t hurt?” She said as she took his hand.

“Now I never say that, but it don’t last.” He said as he reached behind his back and retrieved a glowing hot knife; he began chanting over her before he brought the knife down on the inside of her wrist and began carving the symbol of the Dark Place.

She threw her head back and let out a piercing scream, but began to smile and laugh as her eyes went black and a rush of heat coursed through her veins boiling her blood. Bringing her eyes back to the man, she bore a ravenous grin.

“How do you feel?” He asked.

“Hungry.” She said before bringing her teeth down on his throat and ripping it out.

Autobite – Wolfe Street Boarding House


1022 N. Wolfe. Three stories of red brick and slate grey mortar rose up, in a row, and cast unruly shadows over the salt and pepper asphalt of the street. A dazzling midday sun beamed down on the rows of homes lined up down Wolfe. Cars gleamed in the sun casting blinding reflections into the eyes of the children playing on the street.

One little girl in a lime green dress wears ten gold bangles that glitter up the lengths of her arms. They jingle in the wind as she rides her scooter up and down the block. As she turns to ride back towards her home a figure steps out from behind the wrought iron door. An uncle, just another tenant in the perpetually growing household, steps down and pats her on the head and tells her, “Your mother is looking for you. She wants you in her room.” The balding uncle pushes her toward the door before walking down the street.

As the little girl enters the house, she discards her scooter off to the side in the living room and wanders down the hall toward the dining room and the stairs. As big as the house seemed from the sheer mass of people living inside, the actual living space wasn’t all too big. One had to turn sideways and maneuver to get around when there were more than four people in any one room.

Trying to avoid the shrewd comments of those who lived with her, the girl ducked down as she neared the steps and crawled upstairs to the second floor. The second floor had the bathroom, the only one in the house, and at the moment someone was occupying the shower with the door opened just a crack to let the steam out of the windowless room.

Continuing up to the third floor, the girl now walked upright as she was free and clear on the third floor where her room sat across the hall from her mother’s. “Ma!” The little girl called out as she walked into the room. Clothes were strewn across the bed in mountainous piles. “Do you want this? Or any of these?” Her mother said motioning to a pile of clothes on the edge of the bed and the dress she had hanging on her hand.

“You can throw that away.” The little girl pointed at the dress in her hands and proceeded to look over the clothes on the bed. “I want all of these except for these.” She separated three pieces from the pile and held them up; a pair of red corduroys, a lace trimmed blouse with a small hole in the neck, and an old floral dress that had seen a few splashes of bleach. “Okay. Put them on the pile there. And then go downstairs and tell your aunt to take out dinner. I want the roast and the potatoes on the table and put the string beans in a pot to boil. Okay?” She asked the girl as she continued to dig things out of the closet.

“Got it, ma.” The little girl crept back down the stairs. She was dreading having to go into the dining room. It was always most populated in the mid afternoon hours. Back on the first floor, the girl put her head down and walked through the dining room ignoring the howling laughter of the older folks.

“Hey! Where you goin’?” A friend of a friend of a cousin grabbed at her, but she dodged his hands. “Kitchen.” She said as she disappeared into the kitchen. Her aunt was out back with her kids and the girl’s dog. She went out and saw her cousins pulling at the dog’s tail forcing helpless whimpers out of his mouth.

“Stop!” She ran up and tackled the boy cousin who was lifting up the dog’s hind legs by holding up his tail. The boy fell into a bush and cried out. “What the hell you doin’ now, little girl!” “He was hurting my dog. I told him to stop yesterday.” “That don’t mean hit him!” “I didn’t hit him. I ran into him. It’s different.” “This hand gonna be different on your ass.” The little girl pushed her aunt away. “My mommy said can’t none of y’all even think to touch me!” She turned to go back in the house, but yelled over her shoulder, “And she said take out the roast and potatoes and put the string beans in the stove.”

She kept walking as her aunt grumbled something under her breath. Slinking back through the dining room, she tried to get by without being seen. Though impossible, she thought that if she could be quiet enough and quick enough she’d be like The Flash and no one would see her. Of course she was wrong, but the thought helped. She kept her head down and zoomed through the room and back to the living room.

One of her smaller cousins was watching tv. Outside the iron door sat two more people, friends of the family. She knocked on the door and asked them to move. Outside, she closed her eyes and raced up and down the street at top speed hoping the wind would carry her away.

Autobite – Smoke and Ash

It’s all about that blood rush. When that bitter smoke burns the back of your throat and carves a fiery path to the fleshy folds of your lungs, a rush occurs.

In an instant your ears fill with the beat of your heart which throbs in a quickstep with vessels and veins.

The sound of your breathing joins in and with the squeak of your drying throat you hack out a few coughs that really move the rush along.

Your face brightens as blood fills the spaces just under the skin and between the ears. All the blood, all the movement, it’s rushing, straight to the brain.

Smoke and oxygen come to rest in the grey matter maze of your center. All of the areas fluctuate in an effort to make sense of the rush spilling through the body with no real rhyme or method, a ride that the body must simply endure and succumb to.

You drop the ash as the smoke turns your eyes red with thought.

Flash Fic #14 – Breathe

Long overdue. I have to do 9 more to catch up…

“I can’t swim very well. I don’t know if I should go in.” The young girl stopped just short of the lake; swaying from side to side she looked down at the ground as embers filled her cheeks.

“Don’t worry about that. Just breathe. Come on. You’ll be okay. I promise.” The other girl, about a year older, put her hand out for her friend to take; she reached out with shaky fingers and wrapped them around her hand.

The older girl pulled the younger into her and took her by the lips breathing into her throat.

“What was that?” The girl pulled away and put her hand to her mouth; her friend simply laughed and pulled her towards the lake.

“Come on. I’ll show you.” She pulled the younger girl into the water and walked down the soggy banks and across the mossy floor.

“Breathe.” The older girl spoke; her younger companion was turning red holding her breath. She looked at her for a moment before taking in a short breath; testing it out she took a deeper breath and spoke.

“How?” She asked.

“Magic.” She said simply as she waded further into the lake; the other girl followed her into the murky expanse.

Falling Behind

Hey guys. I’ve posted on here about my Depression and Bipolar Disorder indirectly through my poetry, but I haven’t really talked about it at length. This will not be a post about that, rather it’s my explanation for my recent absence and unreliable posting. I’ve been having a rough go of it for that last two or three weeks, but I’m pushing through. I will be catching up on my flash fics tomorrow and I’m have some new longer length stories for you this coming week. One story is loosely based on reality and involves a nursing home and some dead bodies, while the other bears the title of The Lost Gorgon, so do with that what you will. I hope each of you is having a wonderful 2015 and I hope to move forward with you guys on my writing journey. Thank you for your patience. It is most appreciated.

Flash Fic #13 – Don’t Come In

“Don’t come in after me. If I need you, I will call for you. No matter how long I’m gone, don’t come in, got it?” She asked as she zipped up the thin, Second Skin suit and pulled the helmet up over her head; it was a long way down, but it would be worth it if she were right.

“I got it. Just come back, okay?” She said putting the pack over the other woman’s shoulders; the woman winked before jumping over the cliff into the open expanse of palpable darkness, and disappearing in an instant.